Hanuman, the God of Strength, was born in Anjamdari. It is situated on the Tungabhadra River’s hill bank in Karnataka’s Koppal district village Hampi. In the Ramayana epic, this kinda is the Kingdom of Monkeys, which is an important part of the Ramayana because of Lord Hanuman’s birth. It is also known as Anjanadri Parvatha Temple.

View of Anjanadri Parvatha Temple

Vittala Temple_from_Anjanadri_Hill
VasuVR, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The name Anjanadri was given to this hill or temple because Lord Hanuman’s mother’s name is Anjani. Anjeyanadri Hill is surrounded by lush plantain and paddy fields. More than 550 stairs lead to the hill’s summit. There are a lot of monkeys on the hill. The Hanuman temple’s entire white-washed structure, with a small red dome atop. From a distance, visitors can see the red flags fluttering in the air. Lord Hanuman’s was carved out of a rock. Aside from Lord Hanuman’s temple, there is also a small shrine dedicated to Lord Rama and his wife Sita. Many pilgrims visit the temple on a daily basis to worship.

The view from the top is very beautiful because of the valleys. You can also see the sunset from the top of the hill. During the evening hours, visitors congregate here to catch a glimpse of the colorful display of the setting sun. View the river Tungabhadra as it flows around the mountains. The hill climb provides adventure and excitement.


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