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Punjab’s most popular traditional dance and music is Bhangra. Bhangra is related to the Vaisakhi celebration, which takes place every 14 April of the year. Sikh farmers devised a dance to express their satisfaction at their harvest in a unique way. After that, people started calling it Bhangra, and now it is a world-famous dance that originated in India and Pakistan’s Punjab region.

Bhangra Today

Bhangra is now a globally recognized dance that is performed in every country and school. The majority of bhangra classes are also held in other countries. Every school function in India has a dance competition, and you can see their Bhangra dance. Wedding in Punjab is incomplete without Bhangra dance. Because it originated in Punjab, the best Bhangra in the world is performed by Punjabis. In 2014, Bhangra was featured on America’s Got Talent. After that, the most popular dance, which is also performed in the Olympics and about which people are well-versed. Many people used Bhangra as an alternative to going to the gym for fitness. Bhangra dance is primarily done by men.

Harvest Season

Bhangra is a Punjabi folk dance performed by farmers during the harvest season to show their joy. They form Bhangra on the spot after each farming operation because they are pleased with how well they completed the task. Punjab farmers and residents travel to the funfair after harvesting during the Vaisakhi season, doing the Bhangra and enjoying every second of Vaisakhi. Vaisakhi also marks the beginning of the harvest season.

Important Things

People must wear bright, bold, and colorful clothing before performing the Bhangra dance since this reflects the joyous and celebratory spirit of the event. Dancers must be able to move freely because there is a lot of movement while dancing. As a result, the majority of dancers dress in soiled clothing. Each color of the dancers’ costumes has its meaning; for example, yellow represents Carson or mustard, green represents prosperity, and saffron represents the auspicious occasion itself. The wearing of a turban by male Bhangra dancers demonstrates Punjabi pride, while women’s clothing and jewelry exhibit grace and beauty.


  • In Ludhiana, Punjab, 2100 dancers performed the world’s largest bhangra dance.
  • At the request of British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Bhangra dance was performed at 10Downing Street.
  • FreeStyle Bhangra is a new Bhangra style that combines traditional Bhangra with western dance music.
  • The salvar kameez is a long shirt with loose slacks worn by female dancers.


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