Disclaimer: God has no form so we cannot define God by he/she/it. But to understand God in a human form we must give him a reference just to understand. So, for this post, I am going to address God as “Him”. This post is not against any religions and beliefs this is just a post about my thoughts and which are helping me to live this life peacefully. Who created us and who is God these are some questions we are asking ourselves? And there are so many different answers to these questions and so many beliefs which are driving today’s human actions.

Who is God?

There are many religious books which are giving us specific instructions on how one should live and there are so many gurus and gods who are keeping eyes on our actions and making sure we are doing the right thing. But what is right and what is wrong who decided it. So many religions believe, and it is also in their books that there is only one God, just like in Hindu(Sanatani) texts like Geeta and Vedas also in the bible are talking about one God as well as Muslim book Quran. today’s sciences are also coming to the conclusion that we Are created from a single point (BIG BANG THEORY) They all are saying there is only one God or one energy that is the cause of this existence. Which create everything and destroy it as he pleases? 

Why God Created this Universe?

Now imagine you are that being or that energy that is so powerful that he can create a universe just by one snap. Imagine How lonely he is. There is no another being or energy like him in existence. He created this universe and took the form of everything which includes but is not limited to Starts, Planets, air, sound, smell, taste, living organisms, and everything else. There are infinite numbers of things he created so he can never feel alone. He surrounded himself with so many varieties. Like so many stars, Planets, even so, many creatures some of them are on planet earth but there are infinite numbers of planets that have infinite numbers of different creatures which we haven’t discovered yet or many we can never discover.

Why God created living organisms?

Now the question arises why we are here? If there are so many of them then what is the importance of me? God created a living organism just to feel and enjoy his own creation. He created so many different creatures. Tiny (bacteria, single-cell organism) Large (Wales, elephants) and took care of their food as well and every creature has its own environment its own life. But all of them I mean every single of them have a witness in them and that witness is God himself, that witness which makes you conscious. Do not misunderstand witness with feelings or emotions they are not part of that witness, these all things which are happing to us it is not us. The thing which we call the soul is a tiny part of God itself. So, the Ans to the question of why I am important? is because God is experiencing his creation through you. So, the experiences you can have Can never be the same as someone else. Even its pain, Happiness, sadness whatever you are experiencing right now is God himself experiencing everything through a body of carbs, fats, and proteins.

Post Written and submitted by: Paras Rana


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