Hanging Pillar
Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

If we’re talking about temples, there are so many in India that you’ll never be able to count them all. Some of them are temples with a mystical aura about them. The Lepakshi temple, which we will discuss today, is one among them. Lepakshi Temple is located in Anantapur which is in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is 130 kilometers from Banglore and near the Karnataka border. There is a secret pillar in this temple, which will take your breath away when you see it. That is why Lepakshi Temple, popularly known as the ‘The Hanging Pillar.

Mystery of ‘The Hanging Pillar

Mysterious Place
Hanging Pillar

There are 70 Pillars in all of Lepakshi Temple, however, one of them is strange and difficult to believe. The best scientists have been engrossed in profound thought by this intriguing pillar, and its secret has yet to be explained. This mystery pillar is touched by a roof, yet there is nothing to touch on the ground. This draws the attention of scientists and tourists from all over the world. A British engineer once attempted to move the pillar with his hand to investigate the enigma, but he was unable. He confirmed that this pillar is the same weight as the other pillars after the failed attempts.

Lepakshi Word

Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita Ji were exiled at the time. When Ravana was about to abduct Sita after a year of exile, he got into a fight with Jatayu. When Jatayu was hurt during the Kush battle, he collapsed. In search of Mata Sita, Lord Rama and Lakshmana arrived. When Lord Rama sees Jatayu who is injured, he embraces her and says, “Le Pakshi.” This is a Tamil word, which means “arise bird.” After that, the area became known as ‘Lepakshi.’

The Hanging Pillar - Mystery You Never Know
Lepakshi Temple

Construction of Lepakshi Temple.

This temple is supposed to have been constructed by two brothers, Virupanna and Veerana, who worked for the Vijayanagara Kings. Rishi August is also credited with creating it, according to some sources.

Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Verrabhadra all have temples here. On the grounds of the temple, there is a large statue of Nagalinga. It is said to be India’s largest Nagalinga statue. Many people pass the cloth from beneath the mystery pillar, which they consider being highly fortunate; it is said that this item gives serenity and happiness to the house. That is why he brings this fabric home with him.


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