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All You Need To Know About First Battle of Anandpur Sahib (1700)

The first battle of Anandpur took place between the army of Sikh Guru Gobind Singh and the Rajas of the Shivalik hills.

Causes Of Battle

The Rajas of the Shivalik hills were concerned about Guru Gobind Singh’s growing influence and the foundation of a military organization (Khalsa) by him. Many attempts by the Rajas of Shivalik Hills to remove the Guru from Anandpur sahib failed. The rajas travel to Delhi to see Wazir Khan, who will aid them in their fight against the Guru in Anandpur sahib. Wazir Khan then dispatched his generals Din Beg and Painda Khan, who was accompanied by rajas from the Shivalik Hills, as well as a 5000-6000 army for each of them. Mughal forces arrive in Punjab and join the Shivalik hill armies at Rupar (Punjab). After viewing Guru Gobind Singh Panj Piare as his army’s generals with armies.

The Day of Battle

Guru Gobind Singh, according to the Sikhism Chronicles, declined to play the aggressor because he had sworn to attack only in self-defense. Painda Khan was killed in one-on-one combat by Guru Gobind Singh during an action near Anandpur, northeast of Ludhiana. After Painda Khan’s death, Din Beg becomes the leader of his troops. Following Din Beg’s failure to defeat Guru Gobind’s army. After being injured, the hill rajas fled the battlefield, and Din Beg and his army shrank. Soldiers of the guru pursued him to Rupar.


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