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Rabindranath Tagore Biography – One Man Artist

Rabindranath Tagore was born in Calcutta, West Bengal, on May 7, 1861. He was an Indian poet, composer, philosopher, and painter, as well as a writer, poet, composer, and philosopher. Renuka Tagore, Shamindranath Tagore, Meera Tagore, Rathindranath Tagore, and Madhurlita Tagore were the names of Rabindranath Tagore’s children, and Miranalini Devi was his wife. Rabindra Nath Tagore was born to Sarada Devi and Debendranath Tagore. In 1913, he became the first Asian to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Rabindranath Tagore wrote India’s national hymn and was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work. Rabindranath Tagore wrote the Bangladesh National Anthem, as well.


Rabindranath Tagore was born in the Jorasanko palace on May 7, 1861. (Kolkata). He lost his mother when he was a child. He was the youngest of all his siblings and sisters. His father is a traveler, thus he spent his entire childhood with servants. Tagore’s elder brother was a poet and philosopher, while his younger brother, Satyendra Nath, was the first Indian to be appointed to the Indian civil service. He wrote his first poem at the age of eight, and by the age of sixteen, he had written novels and composed artworks. He has always avoided school, which is why he has never attended a lesson. At age of 16he wrote the short story ‘Bhikharini‘ and the poem collection Sandhya sang it in 1882.


Rabindranath Tagore was a brilliant and clever student since childhood. He completed his early education at Kolkata’s St. Saviour School. Rabindranath Tagore aspires to be an attorney,  but he has no desire to do it; instead,  he wishes to pursue a career in literature. In 1878, his father sent him to London to finish his barrister studies, but he had little desire in doing so, thus he dropped out without finishing his degree. He studied English, Irish,  and music before returning to India and marrying Mrinalini Devil at the age of 10.


Rabindranath Tagore’s main areas of interest were poetry, essays, novels, dramas, and songs.


Rabindranath Tagore began learning drama at the age of 16 with his brother Jyotirindranath, and when he was 20 years old, he wrote his first drama, ‘Valmiki Pratibha,’ followed by ‘Visarjan,’ and ‘Dak Ghar.


He wrote eight novels and four novellas in all. Some of them chastise India’s increasing nationalism and terrorism. Some novels put a stop to the strife between Hindus and Muslims.

  • Chokher Bali
  • Char Adhyay
  • Chaturanga
  • Gora
  • Dui Bon
  • Ghare-Baire
  • Yogayog
  • The postmaster


Rabindra Sangeet, often known as Tagore songs, is the name given to all of Rabindranath Tagore’s songs. Rabindra Nath has written 2232 songs in all. With his book Gitanjali: Songs Offerings, he became the first non-European to receive the novel prize in literature. Rabindra sangeet has had a huge impact on Bengali culture. In Bangladesh, these songs are also taken into consideration. Rabindranath Tagore composed songs as well as Indian and Bangladeshi national anthems.


There are some songs Rabindra sangeet.

He Mor Chitta Recitations
Uriye Dhwaja
Shesh Chithi
Amar Hridoy


In 1877, Rabindranath Tagore published his first short story, ‘BHIKharini.’ He is only 16 years old at the moment. Following that, he began writing Bengali short stories. Rabindranath Tagore has always been a strong supporter of women. In his stories, he frequently mentions women’s clothing and fashion, as well as his son’s marriage to a widowed girl.

Short stories

  • Two Sister
  • Chutti
  • Kabuliwala
  • Detective
  • Atithi
  • Maanbhanjan
  • Tyaag


Tagore died in the jorasanko palace, where he spent his childhood and wrote books and stories. He went into a coma for a long amount of time before recovering, but due to persistent discomfort, he went into a coma again in 1940, and he never recovered. Tagore created poems and songs when he was ill in health, and he died in Kolkata in 1941.


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